James Garman

My name is James, but feel free to call me Jim. I'm doing my best to lead an amazing team in a rather challenging industry and learning a ton along the way. I find a lot of satisfaction in being able to be in the field, managing our hemp farms, driving tractors, and doing farm stuff as I did as a kid growing up on our family farm in Kansas. To me, it's the best way to ensure that we, at Kannaco, produce products of true quality and value proposition. It's quality in, quality out. 

I grew up in a tiny rural town, on a farm, in North Central Kansas, attended Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, and moved to San Diego with my now wife after graduation. We spent the last 10 years in the San Diego area where we launched a few businesses, established a solid network, made some great friends, and started a family.

The move back to Kansas is tied to Kannaco operations that I specialize in. It's worked out well because many of my professional career colleagues are based in SoCal, so we're able to accomplish one of my long time visions of marrying West Coast efforts and ideations with the undeniable and genuine value sets you find in the Midwest. I get to farm and I get to be a business person. 

My professional career has been centered around health, wellness, and fitness as well as internet marketing. I can code websites from scratch, design in any Adobe application, perform technical SEO, and more. I was one of the first 2 operators to launch a mobile DEXA Scan business model in the U.S. and over the past 6 years, we've executed over 100,000 body composition scans so you could say I know a thing or two about nutrition, metabolic health, and general wellness. 

Outside of work, I'm a husband to an amazing woman and father to two little toddler crumb snatchers. I play guitar and would love to tour in a metal band. I enjoy building things and the simpler things in life - you could say the inner nerd in me has been shining brighter and brighter over time.

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